NKS Program

NKS Program

Neuro Kinetic Sequence

Learn. Acquire. Develop. Faster!

Superior Coordinatioon, Movement and Memory
that allows athletes the ability for full skill acquistion.

Without strong neural development athletes will find it difficult to build the
technical requirements necessay for their sport, fitness or general activity.

Memory and attention are used as a replacement to demonstrate physical skill
required however this has huge limiting factors especially during learning or
competition where emotional and tactical responses are crucial.

To free the mind and allow full automatioon the athlete must connect the body
including the left and right side of the brain for simulatneous reactions to the
sport they are plaing.

The program has huge benefits for any person both kids and adults. This opens
up a world of possibilities both in sport at school and in social situations. With
better memory comes better learning potential.

The program involves basic sequential movements done at the individuals own
pace and time.

Private and group workshops available